Success is in the air

Toronto, October 14, 2005 - TermoDeck Canada™
Canada’s first 100% year-round fresh air educational facility has just been built and is already in use by the students at Sheridan High Technology College in Brampton. The educational facility is setting a high standard for operating with the freshest indoor air quality and a low environmental impact on energy consumption to heat, cool, and ventilate the building.

With the cutting edge philosophy and firm belief that Canadian students deserve 100% fresh air without any compromise, Diamond and Schmitt Architects worked closely with TermoDeck Canada to create an open concept space through which clean air flows freely.

Despite that various committees and government officials vigorously debated the project, they were sold on the fact that TermoDeck Canada Inc.’s “green” costs as much to produce as any conventional building project.

The problem with conventional buildings is the re-circulation of air, and finding a method to overcome the problems of “sick building syndrome” as a consequence. “The standard for suitable indoor air quality is lacking,” says Jack Laken, President of TermoDeck Canada. “You have to balance indoor and outdoor air within buildings, and by working with nature like this, it’s possible to reduce mechanical equipment and conserve energy.” TermoDeck has taken an innovative approach to the design of educational facilities so that they use100% outdoor air.

Building green in concrete world is not easy especially when we go against established cookie cutter solutions or traditional building habits. The construction industry follows a system that is already in place, but it’s time to incorporate some environmental solutions. Smaller mechanical plants and less energy can be designed to heat and cool buildings in comparison to the present day accepted bulk machines that end up polluting the inside of buildings. No one needs to report that pollution is happening in the world because we already know it. All we can do is fix it by building green.

TermoDeck’s solution provides Canadians with a healthy choice.

Students at Sheridan High Technology College can start directing their energy to excel in education and benefit from better indoor air quality that far exceeds the Federal Government's Environmental health standard.

Canadian educational facilities who choose to become “TermoDecked™” do not have to pay any upfront premium to construct healthy indoors and enjoy low energy consuming premises.